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IMG 是一家屢獲殊榮的全球保險福利和援助服務提供商。 25 多年來,它們通過提供他們需要的保護和他們應得的支持,使成員減少了擔憂並獲得了更多體驗。自 1990 年以來,IMG 通過提供世界一流的產品、客戶服務和福利,為幾乎每個國家的數百萬人提供了支持。

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IMG 知道出國旅行的原因多種多樣——這就是為什麼他們的產品也是如此。他們提供國際醫療保險產品的全方位服務方法包括為度假者、短期或長期在國際上工作或生活的人、經常在國家之間旅行的人以及擁有多個居住國的人提供服務。


IMG 提供全系列的旅行保護計劃,包括iTravelInsured Travel LiteiTravelInsured Travel SEiTravelInsured Travel LX ,為旅行取消、行李延誤、旅行中斷、醫療福利和許多其他與旅行相關的事件提供不同級別的保險和花費。這些計劃旨在保護您在旅行前或旅行期間發生不良事件時免受經濟損失。

As the world’s only integrated travel risk and crisis response provider, their services include:

Evacuate members from the point of illness or injury to the nearest appropriate health care facility. Complete duty of care and travel risk management services

Advisory service including assistance managing local health care systems, visa and passport issues, translation, legal referrals, detailed destination reports and real-time event alerts.

Security evacuation in the event of natural disasters, a terrorist attack, a government-ordered evacuation, or civil unrest.

Location tracking and alerts to keep track of employees and loved ones in real time.

24/7 access to world-class medical experts for real-time video consultations and treatment

Enterprise and destination preparation, monitoring, staffing, support and response services.


Travel Plan

  • 7, 14 or 30 day Memberships are available as well as Annual Memberships for:

  • Medical Evacuation, Security Evacuation, Crisis Response

  • Individual and Family Memberships

  • Security and Medical Memberships

  • Field rescue & medical evacuation

  • Medical advisory & intelligence

  • Destination reports & alerts

  • Transport to home hospital of choice

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Underwriter: United States Fire Insurance Company.

High Altitude Plan

  • For individuals traveling above 15,000 ft (4,600 m) during any part of their trip (excluding airplane travel).

  • Includes all services in a Travel plan membership

  • Emergency physical transport due to injury or illness.


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Underwriter: United States Fire Insurance Company.

Total Care Plan

  • Includes all services in a Travel membership

  • Medical Evacuation, Security Evacuation, Crisis Response

  • Plus 24/7/365 immediate virtual consults with physicians

  • Urgent & specialty consults

  • Prescriptions, labs and imaging

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Underwriter: United States Fire Insurance Company.

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Whatever the emergency, wherever you are, we are there to help.

IMG 保險的聯繫信息



印第安納波利斯, IN 46208

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